This user agreement is signed between ATBSOFTWARE BİLİŞİM TEKNOLOJİ TİCARET VE SANAYİ LTD.ŞTİ. "FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP" (hereinafter referred to as ATBFIG COIN) and (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"). is arranged between the user (the identity information specified on the Club page). FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP (ATBFIG)


In this contract;

2.1 Crypto Money Wallet

It is a computer file that keeps your coin addresses and their passwords. Coins can be transferred between addresses. These addresses are randomly generated cryptographic public key pairs.

2.2 User;

Refers to the real person who is a member of the site and benefits from the services offered by ATBFIG COIN.

2.3 Site;

It refers to the website consisting of the domain name and subdomains linked to this domain name.


This contract starts with the user becoming a member of the site in electronic form. The user declares and undertakes that he / she accepts all the provisions of this agreement by reading them separately while becoming a member of the Site.



4.1.1 The user accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she is over 18 years old in order to use the site. Responsibility for all damages arising from the user giving this information incorrectly belongs to the user. ATBFIG COIN has the right to cancel, suspend or suspend the user's account without any notice by unilaterally terminating the contract, even if it finds that the user has provided incorrect and / or incorrect information. ATBFIG COIN will not be liable for any damage arising from these reasons.

4.1.2 ATBFIG COIN is the exclusive owner of all services, domain names, software codes, interfaces, contents, product reviews, videos, algorithms, drawings, models, designs and all other intellectual and industrial rights connected to the service offered on the site. (Except for content and applications provided by third parties.) All software, design and copyrights of the services provided belong to ATBFIG COIN. ATBFIG COIN does not allow these services and services to be copied, duplicated and disseminated or reverse engineered on the pages associated with it. The user accepts, declares and undertakes that he will not act against these provisions. The user's violation of these provisions is the unilateral and justified termination reason of the contract, and all legal and criminal liability belongs to the user.

4.1.3 The user is responsible for the accuracy and confidentiality of the information provided while signing up for the site, the protection of the password and username used while signing up for the site, and not being shared with third parties. The user accepts, declares and undertakes that he will not make any claims from ATBFIG COIN under any name for the damages that may arise in this regard, and in this direction irrevocably recourse to ATBFIG COIN.

4.1.4 The user can transfer his account and rights to third parties after becoming a member of the site, but cannot sell or donate it. Apart from that, it cannot be made available to third parties under any name. ATBFIG COIN has the right to cancel, suspend or suspend the user's account without any prior notice, if it is detected that the user acts contrary to this article. Because the ATBFIG COIN uses these rights, the user accepts that he irrevocably recovers the ATBFIG COIN. The user is responsible for all damages occurring within the scope of this article and all penal sanctions belong to the user. However, even for these reasons, the user's ATBFIG Coin assets are not affected by this situation and the ATBFIG Coin assets of the user, if any, are returned to the user immediately upon request, provided that there is no legal and contractual restriction.

4.2.5 ATBFIG COIN will provide support services only through the official e-mail address [email protected] and ticket method from the support section on the site. Support services are not provided to users by any method other than this e-mail address and ticket. Users are not asked for a password for support services to be made through this address, and they do not provide a Coin address for users to send any Coin. The user accepts the provisions of this article and accepts that he will receive support from ATBFIG COIN. ATBFIG COIN is not responsible for any damages arising from this.

4.2.6 ATBFIG COIN is a company that is completely independent of similar Coin trading platforms and all other businesses that transact with ATBFIG Coin, and is not a representative of any company, website or institution. It does not cooperate with any company. For this reason, they cannot hold ATBFIG COIN responsible for the victimization of users on other platforms.

4.2.7 ATBFIG COIN, which does not cooperate with any company, undertakes that it will not share the personal information of the user with any company other than the legal authorities.

4.2.8 ATBFIG COIN does not accept any currency other than ATBFIG Coin. All payments are made as ATBFIG Coin. ATBFIG Coin will make the payments required to be refunded under official conditions.

4.2.9 ATBFIG COIN will make payments on a daily basis as Airdrop ATBFIG Coin, according to the node system published in the whitepaper.


5.1 The user is deemed to have read and accepted all statements made by all official institutions in the country where the ATBFIG COIN is related and to be made thereafter.

5.2 In case the site is used by the user for illegal purposes, the user is responsible for all legal and criminal sanctions that will arise in accordance with article (5.3) of this contract. In this regard, ATBFIG COIN accepts, declares and undertakes irrevocably.

5.3 In case of illegal use, ATBFIG COIN has the right and authority to share all user information with the competent authorities. This issue cannot be considered as a breach of confidentiality and no liability can be attributed to ATBFIG COIN.


6.1 ATBFIG COIN announces the fees for the services on its website. The relevant section can be reached at Fees in this section are an integral part of this contract / fees will be effective from the moment they are announced.

6.2 ATBFIG COIN has the right to charge a fee determined by the user as a transaction fee in the withdrawal process. ATBFIG COIN reserves the right to change these fees and rates at any time without prior notice. However, the changes will be announced in the required sections on the site.

6.3 ATBFIG COIN transfers made through the site are non-refundable. Since ATBFIG COIN transfers are non-refundable, the service fee and transaction fees collected by the user by ATBFIG COIN are also non-refundable. The user accepts, declares and undertakes the provisions of this article in advance by signing this contract. The user declares and undertakes that he / she irrevocably declares the ATBFIG COIN for these transactions that he / she thinks to be made wrong.


7.1 As stated in clause (5.3) of this contract, ATBFIG COIN will not share the user's personal information with third parties without the explicit consent of the user. This information belonging to the user is taken online and stored offline. However, if information is requested within the scope of an investigation or prosecution carried out by the competent authorities in Turkey, this information will be shared with the relevant authorities.

7.2 ATBFIG COIN identifies and records the user's IP addresses, the device and model they access, operating systems and browser information. By accepting this contract, the user also accepts that ATBFIG COIN gives express consent in these matters. ATBFIG COIN can use this information to identify its users in a general way and to collect comprehensive demographic information, to ensure user and system security, to combat fraud and to comply with legal obligations.

7.3 ATBFIG COIN may cooperate with third party institutions and organizations in various ways. In these collaborations, it will make authorized communication and / or marketing as required by law, but will provide tools that will enable the user to exit the system free of charge and easily.

7.4 ATBFIG COIN may provide links to other sites within the site. It may publish advertisements of third parties and / or application forms for various services or direct them to these sites. ATBFIG COIN is not responsible for the privacy practices and policies applied on third party sites that the user accesses in this way and for the content they host.

7.5 ATBFIG COIN undertakes to keep the user's information confidential and to take all necessary precautions. However, if information and documents are requested by the competent authorities within the scope of Turkish laws and all legislation, these information and documents will be submitted to the competent authorities. ATBFIG COIN cannot be held responsible for any damages arising from this.

7.6 All content offered on the site consists of data collected from third party services and public sources. All data, analyzes, reports, statistics are processed and presented objectively by software that automatically processes the information without any editing or guidance. All news and reports submitted by ATBFIG COIN are for information and advice only and their accuracy is not guaranteed. It is possible that the data are inconsistent or inconsistent with one another and ATBFIG COIN has no responsibility for such situations.


Within the scope of this contract, Turkish law will be applied in all disputes that may arise from the use of the site and / or in relation to the terms and conditions contained in the legal warning and / or in connection with this site, and the competent courts and enforcement offices are Istanbul courts and enforcement offices.


ATBFIG COIN may change all terms and conditions in this contract without prior notice. However, changes will be posted on the site. By accepting this contract, the user declares and undertakes that he / she accepts these changes to be made by ATBFIG COIN in advance.


10.1 This contract becomes valid when announced by ATBFIG COIN on the site.

10.2 When the user becomes a member of the site, he / she accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she has read and understood all the articles of this agreement separately, and that he / she approves all the contents and all provisions of the agreement. The user who does not accept this agreement should not be a member of the site and should not benefit from the services of the site.


ATBFIG Coin. He pledges to adhere to the Whitepaper.